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Relax is pleased to offer our new mobile service.

Alexandra, one of our experienced massage therapists, will travel to your location and give you one of

our available massages in the comfort of your own home.

Each massage will cost its usual price plus an additional £5. 

Available massages include:

Swedish Massage

Relaxation Massage

Sports Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Chinese Cupping Massage

Mobile service will be available Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 10am to 8pm.

Appointments must be reserved online or by telephone at least one hour

before your desired appointment time.

Each session will last a minimum of one hour. Please see the map for available service areas.

Alexandra has worked in situations in the past where confidentiality was a top priority.

She knows how important it is to keep your information private.

For the safety of everyone involved, Alexandra will also be carrying special security equipment.

Contact us

 76 Cumming Drive Glasgow United Kingdom
Phone (we will contact you to confirm your appointment): 07411200558